An agency of European artists

An office of European musical productions

Well known in European classical musical relations, Toccata Europe finds its strength in its knowledge of the field and of international networks, in the daily use of European languages, in its team formed in the best universities and now endowed with an experience of more than thirty years, in its relational qualities with the artists, and finally in its faithful European partners (Festivals, Symphony orchestras, Public institutions, Conservatories, Publishers, Record labels…).

Some references  

Mnozil Brass, Editions Billaudot / Fondation Action Culturelle Pierre Wissmer, Musical Season of Epinal, Maison des Arts de Thonon, International Festival of Besançon, Grand Théâtre d’Angers, Royal Abbey of Fontevraud, Musicales de Savoie, Romantic Nights of Bourget, Le Pin Galant de Mérignac, Grand Théâtre d’Aix-en-Provence, Brass Drops, Coups de Vents, French Institutes of Europe, Linköping Festival (Sweden), Musikschule and Musikhochschule of Stuttgart, Philharmonie de Baden-Baden, Bach Akademie , Berlin Symphony Orchestra, Stuttgart Radio SWR Orchestra, Avignon Opera House, Kammer Chor / F. Bernius, Karlovy Vary Philharmonic Orchestra (CZ), Vienna Symphony Chamber Orchestra (Austria), Prague Philharmonia / PKF, Lviv Philharmonic Orchestra (Ukraine), Slovak Philharmonic in Bratislava, Finnish Symphony Orchestras, Franco-Czech Musical Academy of the City of Telč, etc.

Management: Sylvie Kabina-Clopet